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RTX3000 Availability

Estimated Queue time for RTX3000 Series Video cards


Due to global shortage, new orders for the RTX3000 series may be placed in a queue for allocation.    We are receiving stock weekly but due to enormous demand the leadtime will vary depending on model.   We recommend placing a backorder in order to be queued for allocation for your preferred model.   While waiting for your backorder, you can cancel & receive full refund prior to the order being dispatched.   

We appreciate your understanding as we continue to work on getting more stock to fulfill all your backorders.    Thank you.


* Estimate for new order placed today.   Please note estimates are subjected to change without notice.   The estimates is based on: Current Backorders / expected Qty this week.   Each week the arriving qty can vary and the estimate will be re-calculated & updated accordingly.


RTX3070 Series Estimated Queue Time*
Asus DUAL-RTX3070-O8G 1~2 weeks
Asus ROG-STRIX-RTX3070-O8G-GAMING 1~2 weeks
Asus TUF-RTX3070-O8G-GAMING 1~2 weeks
Gigabyte N3070AORUS-M-8GD 3~4 weeks
Gigabyte N3070EAGLE-OC-8GD 1~2 weeks
Gigabyte N3070GAMING-OC-8GD 1~2 weeks
Gigabyte N3070VISION-OC-8GD 2~3 weeks
Galax RTX3070-SG-8GB 1~2 weeks
MSI RTX 3070 GAMING X TRIO 1~2 weeks
MSI RTX 3070 VENTUS 2X OC 1~2 weeks
MSI RTX 3070 VENTUS 3X OC 1~2 weeks


RTX3080 Series Estimated Queue Time*
Asus ROG-STRIX-RTX3080-O10G-GAMING 4~6 weeks
Asus TUF-RTX3080-10G-GAMING 6~8 weeks
Asus TUF-RTX3080-O10G-GAMING 2~3 weeks
Gigabyte N3080AORUS-M-10GD 2~3 weeks
Gigabyte N3080AORUS-X-10GD 3~5 weeks
Gigabyte N3080GAMING-OC-10GD 2~4 weeks
Gigabyte N3080VISION-OC-10GD 2~3 weeks
Gigabyte N3080EAGLE OC-10GD 2~3 weeks
Galax RTX3080 SG-10GB 3~4 weeks
Inno3D C30803-106XX-1810VA37 3~4 weeks
MSI RTX 3080 GAMING X TRIO 10G 3~4 weeks
MSI RTX 3080 VENTUS 3X 10G OC 3~4 weeks


RTX3090 Series Estimated Queue Time*
Asus TUF-RTX3090-24G-GAMING 3~4 weeks
Asus TUF-RTX3090-O24G-GAMING 3~4 weeks
Asus ROG-STRIX-RTX3090-O24G-GAMING 3~4 weeks
Gigabyte N3090AORUS-M-24GD In stock ~ Less than 1 week
Gigabyte N3090AORUS-X-24GD 3~4 weeks
Gigabyte N3090EAGLE-OC-24GD 1~2 weeks
Gigabyte N3090GAMING-OC-24GD In stock ~ Less than 1 week
Gigabyte N3090VISION-OC-24GD 1~2 weeks
MSI RTX 3090 GAMING X TRIO 24G 1~2 weeks
MSI RTX 3090 VENTUS 3X 24G 1~2 weeks